Börja med att gå till jabber.at and choice your Jabber client. All client works on the same jabber server it’s too complicated to fast written.

You can also install Apps like ”Yaxim” ”Btruno” and in the app Register a Jabber account.

SImple as hell, no email verification or anything like that, less is more.

You can either use WIckr and such and they’ll see alll. This platform, xmpp/Jabber is before ICQ! MSN! if you even know those to. So Jabber has been adapted and kept on runnning.

If you use tor (torproject.org) and Jabber platform you are safe. Nuff said.

Jabber is opensource and has end-to-end cryption as standard. With OpenPGP/OMEO and more encryption software that are too advance.

A tip. Just in Google Play write yaxim – Download – Register Account name@yax.im and you’re done. Add friends with their Jabber adress. Mine is narkoman@jabber.se

This is a amateur guide

ubuntu, safe, wickr, signal, whatsapp, xmpp, jabber

// 1312.nu

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